free carpet about 4.5x6 feet. pick it up by today.
Someone gave us this cute chicken coop good for 2-3 chickens and wed planned on fixing the roof. Never had time to do so. Free to a good home with 2 feeders. Wed welcome some eggs in return some day if you ever have extras. We have the plans for the coop so you can put a new roof on it. Must pick up and be able to carry it up 1 set of outdoor stairs to your car or truck.
Nice jacuzzi sitting in barn for couple yearsMight work Hate to put in landfill as tub is in great shape and if it doesnt work, parts may be recyclable.
Free shipping pallets. In Blowing Rock.
Beautiful. Will need a shoo but otherwise great condition...Come and get. Will donate monday ...outside on porch
Maple, Beech, Poplar, Oak, Hickory and Sourwood.
I have an upright piano that I will give to a good home. Its in decent shape, needs tuning. Some wear and tear evident, but overall in good shape. There is no damage to the working parts-keys, soundboard, hammers, strings, etc, are all in good shape. Ill deliver it in the county for a small charge, or you come pick it up.
I have several bags of mortar and a lot of sand to get rid of tomorrow, Saturday June 23. In Blowing Rock. Text if interested.
FREE Hammond chord organ... .
Boulders were used to line a fire pit. FREE if you pick up and haul away. There are about 15 of them.
Free carpetTan, was in a condo that was barely used. New owners tore it out to put in Luxury vinyl and gave it to me. I thought I could use in two small 10 x 11 rooms it but ended up just cleaning the carpet I have. It is in 2 pieces.Must pick up.Needs to be gone by Friday.
Free pallets, different sizes.They are located in the back of Stone Cavern, which is next to EAT CROW on Hwy 105 across from Mountain Lumber.Give us a call if you have any questions.
Free seats from bus, all in good condition. Bolt heads were cut on some when removed so theyll be some grind marks on the feet.
Free goat pen, actually in pretty good shape. You have to remove and take all of it, but the price is right. Located off of Aho road between Boone and Blowing Rock. About 115 linear feet, roughly 4ft tall. Posts do not appear to be in concrete, but it was built by the previous homeowner so its possible that some are. Pasture wire is attached by a mixture of barbwire nails and wire staples. Cont...
Clean sand in a container must picked up
Its big, its heavy, it works, its free. Come get it. First come first get.
Free. Must pickup today. 86 X 54 when in bed mode, 86 X 42 in couch mode. Cushion is slightly pilling, but still firm and comfortable. Cover not included.By curb near corner of Wey St. and Clement.
Please come get them Text or call to arrange a pickup time Free to whoever gets ahold of me
Free Gutted fifth wheel cer frame that must be removed.Free under the condition cer is removed completely. The fifth wheel has been there for over 15 yrs, if you want to haul it off you will need to put different wheels on it as the tires are surely dry rotted. It is a 6 lug wheel.Site has Electric pole and Well hydrant that must not be disturbed. The Fifth wheel is a 1985 and the bottom frame ...
My bunny had baby bunnies and now I have too many bunnies- take one. Names from left to right Purdy Pie, Chocolate Delite, Sweetums, Night Hawk, Schnapps, Peanut, Melvin, Gerbil
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